Personal Growth and Development Classes

North American Learning Institute (NALI) works with hundreds of thousands of individuals to provide education on various topics. Many students take these classes for personal improvement and development purposes. Often, students choose to take these classes to prepare to work in a new industry or job, to improve relationships with loved ones and friends, to better themselves, and/or to prepare for an upcoming legal case. Whatever the reason, our pricing is simple with no hidden fees of any kind.

Starting at only $15 per class, our most popular courses include anger management, parenting, drug and alcohol awareness, babysitting, food safety, life skills, conflict resolution, and many more. View our full list of courses below.

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North American Learning Institute


Our personal growth and development classes are recognized throughout the United States and Canada.

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All courses provided by North American Learning Institute are 100% online and self-paced, which allows you to start and stop at any time and as often as necessary to accommodate your schedule.

Our courses can also be taken on any device that has access to the Internet:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Tablets
  • Smart phones

You can even start on one device and continue on another!


  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 100% online
  • No-fail format
  • Free enrollment confirmation letter
  • Instant certificate of completion
  • Credentialed instructors
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Lowest Price Guarantee

Starting as low as $15, we offer the lowest priced personal growth and development classes with absolutely no hidden fees; guaranteed! If you find a similar course for a lesser price, we'll beat it! Just contact us and let us know. It's that simple!

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Anger Management $25.00 Register for the Anger Management Class
Animal Cruelty $25.00 Register for the Animal Cruelty Class
Babysitting $25.00 Register for the Babysitting Class
Behavior Modification $25.00 Register for the Behavior Modification Class
Bloodborne Pathogens $15.00 Register for the Bloodborne Pathogens Class
Bullying $25.00 Register for the Bullying Class
Concussions $25.00 Register for the Concussions Class
Confined Space $25.00 Register for the Confined Space Class
Conflict Resolution $15.00 Register for the Conflict Resolution Class
CPR $25.00 Register for the CPR Class
Diversity Awareness $25.00 Register for the Diversity Awareness Class
Domestic Violence $25.00 Register for the Domestic Violence Class
Driver's Ed & Traffic School $11.95 Register for the Driver's Ed & Traffic School Class
Drug & Alcohol Awareness $25.00 Register for the Drug & Alcohol Awareness Class
Ergonomics $25.00 Register for the Ergonomics Class
Ethics $25.00 Register for the Ethics Class
Fire Safety $25.00 Register for the Fire Safety Class
First Aid $25.00 Register for the First Aid Class
Food Allergens $25.00 Register for the Food Allergens Class
Food Safety $25.00 Register for the Food Safety Class
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse $25.00 Register for the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Class
HazCom $25.00 Register for the HazCom Class
HIPAA $15.00 Register for the HIPAA Class
HIV/AIDS Awareness $15.00 Register for the HIV/AIDS Awareness Class
Human Trafficking $25.00 Register for the Human Trafficking Class
Life Skills $25.00 Register for the Life Skills Class
Marijuana Education $25.00 Register for the Marijuana Education Class
Minor in Possession (MIP) $25.00 Register for the Minor in Possession (MIP) Class
Parent Education & Family Stabilization $25.00 Register for the Parent Education & Family Stabilization Class
Parenting Skills $25.00 Register for the Parenting Skills Class
PIPEDA Training $25.00 Register for the PIPEDA Training Class
Prostitution Prevention $25.00 Register for the Prostitution Prevention Class
Sexual Harassment $25.00 Register for the Sexual Harassment Class
Theft Awareness & Prevention $25.00 Register for the Theft Awareness & Prevention Class
Tobacco Awareness $25.00 Register for the Tobacco Awareness Class
Truancy $25.00 Register for the Truancy Class
Vaping $25.00 Register for the Vaping Class
Virus Awareness (COVID-19) $25.00 Register for the Virus Awareness (COVID-19) Class
Workplace Violence $25.00 Register for the Workplace Violence Class

The course price includes an enrollment verification letter and your certificate of completion. We do not charge additional fees for providing these documents.